How to lead your organization during and after the covid-19 pandemic?

The global coronavirus pandemic generates a clear need for business leaders to rethink how they lead their organizations forward, redesign their strategy and manage change. Leaders need to prepare on how to lead during and after the covid-19 pandemic. After the relatively quiet summer of 2020, the global covid-19 pandemic has been gearing up second and third waves, each wave even more destructive than the first one. And as vaccines are being rolled out and we are preparing for a post-pandemic world, the end to covid-19 and its potential long-term impact, on the economy or humanity as a whole, is still unclear.

One thing is certain. The world post-covid-19 will be vastly different from the one we knew before. Digital acceleration and fundamental changes in the way the live, work and interact  require fundamental changes in organizational strategy, go-to-market approach and leadership priorities and style.

How to lead during – and after – the covid-19 pandemic?

A detailed guide for business leaders on how to prepare their organizations for a post-pandemic world

Business leaders need to rethink how to lead, manage change and adjust their strategy, both during and after the covid-19 pandemic.

Business has moved online. Employees are working remotely, scattered all over the world. And customers are doing the same. Digital collaboration has taken the place of physical interaction. Automation, artificial intelligence, advanced data and analytics, internet of things, robotics are all on the rise and replacing work as we know it. Business models are upended. Entire industries are on the verge of disappearing, while new ones rise rapidly. The stock market has been bouncing up and down. The fashion accessory of the moment is the facial mask. Traditional safe investment sectors – travel, leisure, transportation, oil and gas, and all players in their ecosystems – cannot find an easy way out of this. And the world as we knew it before the coronavirus, will not come back. At least not anytime soon. If at all.

But periods of crisis and rapid change can also give rise to great opportunities and innovation. And as vaccine programs gain momentum and economies are opening up the question arises: how do you lead your organization forwards towards a successful future, both during and after the covid-19 pandemic?

“There’s always an opportunity with crisis. Just as it forces an individual to look inside himself, it forces a company to reexamine its policies and practices.” Judy Smith.

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How to lead, rethink strategy and manage change under challenging market conditions

In the immediate term, companies will need to balance the need for continued-as-usual business operations with the responsibility to protect employees and customers.

In the longer term, as conditions shift permanently and new opportunities arise, leaders will need to fundamentally adjust their course.

The coronavirus is not the sole reason for this: digital disruption and technological acceleration was already firmly underway. A need to rethink organizations in terms of purpose, culture, work standards, digital, innovation and sustainability was building up rapidly. The recent developments make this ever more important.

In this blogpost, we highlight 10 key areas for business executives to focus on as they lead their organizations during and after the coronavirus, manage change and transformation and adjust their leadership priorities and strategy. Leading your organization towards a post-covid-19 world requires fundamental shifts in thinking.

Strategic questions on leadership during the coronavirus pandemic

How to manage change and lead your organization forward during and after the coronavirus pandemic:

Responding to both the coronavirus threat as well as the more fundamental shifts in ways of working already under way, will require introducing or enhancing remote and flexible working policies, tools and platforms and eliminating the need for face to face activities as much as possible. And even beyond covid-19, the workplace of the future will be hybrid and digital-first. 

Increasingly, customers, employees and investors alike will chose organizations that they can identify with and support wholeheartedly. For this, it needs to be clear what your organization stands for. And what not. In addition, your response in times of crisis matters. A lot. Therefore, check if your purpose and vision needs changing.

Budgets will be tighter and growth harder to come by. Customers will require different solutions, consumer’s needs have changed and the opportunities in the future will be different. Focus on the core of what makes your organization great when revising your vision and strategy and make the right choices to leverage this and reach new areas of growth.

The organizations that will come out of any crisis stronger than others, will be those built on authentic, original brands with that are able to reach and inspire their customers and relate to their personal values. Also, authentic brands will offer authentic experiences.

A relentless focus on seamless strategy execution across the entire organization and having all your teams work towards common goals and objectives will boost your changes of success. As the best strategy is meaningless if you can’t execute it.

As customer and consumer needs change, opportunities to connect with your audiences in real-life have disappeared, and experiences are becoming increasingly digital, a new go-to-market approach is crucial.

Aligning product development and design with marketing, sales and retail, cleaning up your reseller base, focusing on the right customers that will deliver the highest growth and can serve as true partners, and boosting owned direct-to-consumer channels such as retail and e-commerce will boost efficiency and enhance your market impact and customer success.

Now, more than ever, it is important to stay on top of the game and  lead the market ahead of your competition or potential market disruptors. But innovation efforts need to be targeted and help you achieve your strategic goals and objectives.

The coronavirus will significantly boost the digital acceleration already underway beforehand. In fact, we are in the middle of a real digital revolution.

As digitalization kicks into the next gear, companies that are highly reliant on digital technology and those that offer digital-first products and services as well as experiences will have a strong advantage over organizations relying on physical contact and purchases. Therefore, digital transformation becomes a key topic.

In addition, companies will need to upgrade their digital skills – of both executives and teams alike.

Consumers and investors alike are ever more conscious of the social and environmental footprint of the organizations they support. Ensure that sustainability is not a marketing effort, but embedded in the DNA of your organization.

And finally, rethinking leadership in general. The leaders of the future are versatile, receptive of the needs of their customers, employees and investors, and enable their teams to change, innovate, adapt, grow and ultimately succeed.

As opportunities are abundant, for those who can adapt fast enough to the rapidly changing environment and profit from the new opportunities it creates.

Adapt to the new normal and lead your organization towards the future.

Continuous business transformation is relevant at the best of times, let along during the coronavirus crisis. Now, circumstances shift daily, both as a result of the covid-19 pandemic as well as digital acceleration. Resetting your vision and strategy, focusing on the agility of your organization and driving relentless execution are ever more important. Adjust and transform to lead your company to success during covid-19 and continue to do so after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

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