Vision & Mission workshop

Define Your Vision and Mission
in a team workshop

Of course, you will have an idea of what you want to be and it’s clear to you why that matters. But communicating that to the world might be a different thing, and capturing your mission and vision in one sentence can be surprisingly hard.

Involve key team members to craft the perfect vision and mission statement for your organization.

Align your organization behind it, inspire your people and customers, and bring your vision to life.

Book a Mission & Vision
Creation Workshop

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Mission and vision creation workshop

Average duration

1-2 days

  • Engaging, interactive vision and mission design workshops

  • With your executive team, key stakeholders or a larger group

  • Harnessing the creativity & insights of your organization

  • Upfront discussion of your goals and objectives

  • We will provide a framework and moderation

  • Sessions and trajectory tailored to your needs

  • Preferably not in the office!