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Scaling up on your own can be very difficult. That’s why we offer scale up support in 4 different, flexible packages. Starting at $500 a month, see which package fits best in your situation and get in contact today.

Packages can be slightly altered according to your specific needs. Extra options like marketing & branding support and digital tooling can be added to your liking. All packages include scaling tips and tricks, access to exclusive content, and Nextrday strategy resources.

Choose your Scale Up Package


Exploring scale up options and preparing for the journey

Are you thinking about scaling up, but not sure where to start and what your options are? Then this package is for you.

  • Company assessment

  • High-level market analysis

  • Strategic positioning

  • Strategic framework exploration
  • Personalized scale up roadmap


Starting the scale up journey and executing your vision

You want to start scaling up your company and need guidance through the process. This package is the start of your growth.

  • Vision & ambition workshop
  • Strategic framework creation
  • Fundraising support

  • Brainstorming  sessions
  • Strategy implementation

  • Option for branding & marketing support


Scaling performance and growing to the next level

Meant to take the scaling of your organization to the next level. Grow in a new scale up round to extend your reach.

  • Strategic framework finetuning

  • Focus on strategy implementation
  • Monthly process reviews
  • In depth market analysis

  • Option for digital tooling support


Pick and choose the building blocks you want and need to scale up

Fully tailored and customized to your needs, this package offers limitless possibilies for your scale up journey.

  • Scaling

  • Strategy

  • Go-to-Market

  • Custom

  • Custom

  • Custom

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