About Nextrday

Scale-up Experts

We help ambitious organizations grow, innovate and transform while leading with vision and purpose and combining strategy with execution.

We believe in sustainable growth.

As we focus on tomorrow, not just today.

Our Belief

Any organization, large or small, can achieve sustainable, scalable growth.

All it takes are a strong vision and purpose, a consistent strategy founded in market opportunities, innovation and customer needs, making clear choices, ensuring the right capabilities and operating models are in place, and a relentless focus on execution.

As strategy and execution are one and the same.

Combining Strategy with Execution

A clear vision and strategy are great accomplishments by themselves. But even the smartest strategy will fail without the ability to execute flawlessly.

Therefore, we help our customers grow by combining strategy with execution

We team up with our customers to finetune their vision, identify clear goals and objectives, make clear choices and develop a winning strategy.

We are not satisfied with just delivering a sleek presentation. Our view of a true partnership entails ensuring you are able to deliver against your strategic goals and objectives.


“I love helping ambitious organizations succeed and reach sustainable growth by outlining a clear vision and strategy, building authentic brands and enabling focused execution and long-term success.”

Alexandra van der Stap

CEO Nextrday & Senior Strategy & Transformation Advisor

Present in Europe and the United States

Some of our clients

We equip leaders with the strategy and tools to realize their objectives

We help finetune your vision and purpose to differentiate from the competition, connect to customers and stakeholders and lead the market forward.
As strategy and execution go hand in hand, we will work you and your leadership team to derive execution plans, identify roles and responsibilities, set timelines and measure and reward success.

A great vision and purpose enable the creation of leading brands, that are authentic and inspiring across all markets and able to connect with their target audiences across all channels. We will help define a crystal-clear, compelling brand identity and an effective Go-to-Market strategy.

Leverage the power of data and turn information into insights. Ensure you optimize your customer’s experience and maximize lifetime value..

“I enjoyed working with Alexandra and her team because of her passion for marketing and portfolio strategy – a full-blooded marketer.

Besides her analytical and strategic thinking skills and her deep market knowledge and customer focus Alexandra is able and willing to go the extra mile to deliver excellent results. She is a problem solver with high energy and an impressive perseverance.”

Peter Skulimma

SVP Global Industry Acceleration

Achieve your ambitions and reach new levels of sustainable growth

Lead the market forward and differentiate from the competition

Stay ahead of change and propel your organization into the future.

Start accelerating your growth today.

Through optimizing your strategy, planning and go-to-market approach and ensuring all processes, tools and capabilities are in place to execute successfully.