Get ready for the future.

Change is ever accelerating and the pace seems to pick up daily. Digitalization, AI, automation, robotics and big data and analytics are fundamentally changing the market landscape.

As the needs of markets, customers and employees shift, outline your business transformation strategy and adjust your products, business model, go-to-market approach and organization. Stay ahead of change and lead your business into the future.

“It is no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow.”

Eric Pearson


Transformation Strategy
Goals & Objectives

Outline your transformation strategy, adapt your services and products, transform your business model and prepare your organization to stay ahead of change.

Digital First, Digital Always. Bring your organization to the forefront of digital technology and be a part of the revolution, from social and digital marketing, via data, analytics and artificial intelligence, to quantum computing and blockchain.

In every organization’s life cycle, there comes a point where growth slows. The numbers are harder to reach and the original ambitions might need scaling back. Competitors seem to be growing faster. A disruptor could be at risk of being disrupted. It is time for a review of your business model, go-to-market strategy, products or services.
Customers, consumers, stakeholders and governments are requiring that organizations become ever-more sustainable. And of course, also your management team is looking to transform sustainably. Let’s embed sustainability into your DNA.
Or consumer-centric. As organizations mature, they tend towards becoming more internally-focused. But of course, it is their customers who got them where they are today. Reset yourself towards putting your customers first. Always.
The most successful organizations of today do not focus on products or services. Instead, they work on becoming an integrated platform and creating a cocoon around their customers. Think Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, Uber, and many more. What could a platform approach look like for your company?

How to build a transformation strategy

We use a comprehensive toolkit which will help you plan and execute your transformation strategy, from ambition, goals and objectives, to strategy design, via making the right go-to-market choices, to the right enablers, tactics and actions for implementation in the market

Of course, the Nextrday approach is completely flexible and we will only use those tools that catered to your specific situation.

Strategy Tools

Before you start diving into strategies and actions, it makes sense to formulate what the mission of your organization is, as well as your vision for the future. What you are aiming to do, and what you will become.

OUtline your business transformation goals and objectives and use these as the true north compass 

Strategy is all about making choices. In which markets, customer segments or product and service classes to compete. And how to win there. Through defining clear Where to Play (WTP) and How to Win (HTW) choices, we are able to lay the foundations for a winning strategy.

From your strategy, derive what the organization needs to be able to do and have in place. 

Translate your strategy to tangible tactics and actions, add milestones and assign responsibilities. 

Build Your Strategy with Your Teams.

Engage your coworkers and create your vision and strategy with your team. You will not only end up with a better strategic plan, but it will help with the adoption and execution of your strategy as well.

And you might have more fun along the way!

Strategy Creation

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Vision & Mission

Strategy mission vision workshop small

“The North Face saw a fantastic acceleration to new growth levels following the work we did with Alexandra on our purpose, strategy, brand, go-to-market and execution capabilities.”

Arne Arens

Global President, The North Face

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