Accelerate Your Growth. Sustainably.

Today’s changing world provides ample opportunities for accelerated, sustainable business growth through a targeted growth and scaling strategy.

Scale your business and reach the next levels of growth. Extend your brand, product or service across markets, target segments or usage categories, reach new customers, expand internationally and/or establish new partnerships.

“Any organization can reach new levels of sustainable growth, by combining a clear vision and strategy with focused execution.”

Alexandra van der Stap


Strategy Creation Basics

Outline your ambition, set clear goals and objectives, and make the right strategic choices to deliver against your vision and purpose.

A clear definition of your long- to mid-term strategic goals and objectives that help you achieve your vision and live your purpose.

Financial of course (revenues, profit, operating margins), but also non-financial (market share, industry disruption, customer success, brand positioning, international expansion… you name it).

Based on a market assessment, opportunities and trends, your internal capabilities and your own vision and ambitions, formulate key strategic questions that need to be answered in your strategy.

A strategy without clear choices is no strategy at all. As the saying goes: as you can be anything you want to be, but you cannot be everything to everyone.

Therefore, making clear strategic choices and being specific about where you will play and how you will win is essential.

Growth strategy components

Key growth strategy components that will help you scale your business and reach new markets and customer segments.

Build Your Strategy with Your Teams.

Engage your coworkers and create your vision and strategy with your team. You will not only end up with a better strategic plan, but it will help with the adoption and execution of your strategy as well.

And you might have more fun along the way!

Strategy Creation

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Vision & Mission

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+40% annual growth

“The work Alexandra did with our leadership team was fantastic. We never would have gotten to such a clear vision, strategy and execution framework without her help.”

Markus Sebastian

SVP and MD EMEA, Align Technology

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