Strategy Execution

Your Strategy

Getting your strategy to paper is only the start of the work.
As even the best designed strategies will come to nothing without the ability to implement it.

Therefore, Nextrday believes in the power of execution. Strategic planning, clear roles and responsibilities, actions and deliverables.

And above all, with all the right tools, capabilities and people in place to drive successful execution of your vision and business strategy.

“Too often, strategy stops with a fancy-looking slide deck.

But strategy is 90% implementation. Without execution, your strategy is doomed to fail.”

Alexandra van der Stap


Strategy Execution Basics

Ensure you have the right plans, tactics, actions, metrics, capabilities and resources in place to implement your strategy and achieve your goals and objectives.

Too often, strategy fails in execution. Translate strategy to implementation by outlining the strategic initiatives, tactics and actions that will enable implementation of your strategy. Ensure actions are aligned across functions, departments and regions.

Ensure the choices you make, whether on where to invest for the long run, what projects to fund, how to allocate resources, or even how to manage daily operations, are in line with your strategy implementation plan and objectives.

Ensure that all team members know the part they need to play to make your strategy happen – and why. From your executive team to every individual contributor: a great strategy to execution plan builds alignment across the entire organization.

Strategy execution is not a once-off exercise. The best implementation results will be achieved when you measure progress and track success continuously, as well as discuss success stories as well as issues with your team and involve team members in the solutions.

Flexible Strategy
Execution Toolkit

We use a comprehensive toolkit which will help you plan and execute your strategy, from strategic execution planning, via making the right go-to-market choices, to implementation in the market, commercial excellence and strategy execution software.

Of course, we will only use those tools that are need to cater for your specific situation.

Strategy Execution Tools

Translating strategy to execution requires careful planning. This includes goals and objectives, tactics and actions, and responsibilities, KPI’s and targets.
OGSTM, or sometimes called OGSM, is a method that helps in strategic planning. OGS(T)M stands for Objectives Goals Strategies (Tactics) and Measures
Your Go to Market strategy, or GTM approach, determines how you will get your products and/or services to market. This includes your sales and channel approach, target customers, marketing and pricing strategy. All elements will be aligned with your overall vision and strategy.
Optimizing your sales, retail and e-commerce activities and the effectiveness and efficiency of all your go-to-market channels can help boost your impact in the market and your ability to achieve strategic goals and objectives.
Strategy execution is hard to do from Powerpoint and Excel.Nextrday’s strategy execution and strategic planning software supports cascading strategy throughout the organization and tracking and reviewing progress and success.

Cascade Strategy Throughout Your Entire Organization and Mobilize Your Teams

A strategy is only as good as your ability to implement it. And alignment throughout your entire organization is crucial to successful execution of your strategy.

With Nextrday’s strategy cascade process and tools, you will align your entire organization behind your strategic goals and objectives and drive execution across all regions, functions and business units.

“The North Face saw a fantastic acceleration to new growth levels following the work we did with Alexandra on our purpose, strategy, brand, go-to-market and execution capabilities.”

Arne Arens

Global President, The North Face

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