Lead the market forward.

Markets are constantly changing and this change is happening at a faster pace then ever before. It takes work to ensure your disruptive ideas can grow and reach scale ahead of the competition. Disruptors are at risk of being disrupted.

Be at the forefront of change and lead the market towards the future through a clear innovation strategy. Embed a culture of innovation and idea generation within your organization and disrupt like a startup.

“Always start at the end before you begin.”
Robert Kiyosaki

American businessman and author

Innovation strategy
goals and objectives

Key goals and objectives of a business innovation strategy.
Embed a culture of innovation and disrupt like a startup.

Or stay in your leading position. Often, as companies mature and grow, an element of complacency and internal focus seeps in. But true market leaders always look outside and continuously strive to reinvent themselves.

Leave the competition behind by consistently staying one (or two) steps ahead. Whether in product innovation, the adoption of new technology, or the attraction of the best talent to your innovative culture.

What got you here today might not get you where you want to be tomorrow. By changing your operating model and/or value proposition for your customers, you can bring your products and services to market in new ways.

Markets change. Customers change. And with them opportunities and needs. By consistently expanding the limits of what your products and services can do, you will stay on top of your game.

Last but not least, innovative companies attract innovative people. The most talented employees will look for organizations in which they can thrive. Make sure you are one of these.

How to build an Innovation Strategy

Innovation is about more than opening an idea box and trying to manage the inflow of suggestions.

If done well, continuous business innovation is embedded in your organization’s DNA, supports your overall vision and strategy, helps you achieve your strategic objectives, and becomes a source of long term competitive advantage. And a solid innovation strategy forms the foundations for success.

Strategy execution planning

Set innovation goals and objectives

Your innovation strategy exists to support your overall strategy. Therefore, macro goals will needs to align with your overall strategic goals and objectives, such as strengthening your market leadership position, continuously delivering new and improved products to market, or adopting your business model and value proposition to changing market needs and opportunities.

Embed innovation in your organization

From strategy to funding and annual budget rounds, from reward systems to allocation resources: innovation is not something that happens on the side in a two-day workshop. Although, of course, workshops can help to kick start your process. But then the real work starts. Innovation often fails when it is seen as something outside the real organization, that a few nerdy kids work on in a room in the basement. For the most innovative companies, innovation is their way of life.

Build Your Strategy with Your Teams.

Engage your coworkers and create your vision and strategy with your team. You will not only end up with a better strategic plan, but it will help with the adoption and execution of your strategy as well.

And you might have more fun along the way!

Strategy Creation

strategy creation workshop small

Vision & Mission

Strategy mission vision workshop small

“The future will never again be as long as it is today. Don’t wait for it.

Stay ahead of change and stay disruptive. Start building your innovation strategy now.”

Alexandra van der Stap


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