Strategy Development Process

The Key Stages in Strategy Development

In essence, strategy creation is both an art and a science. There is a logical process behind it, that, when duly followed, will lead to a clear, executable strategic plan.

But of course, it all starts with your future vision, insights and ideas. That’s what makes your strategy unique.

Strategy development at Nextrday follows six key steps, starting with market insights, followed by your ambitions and goals and key where to play and how to win (WTP/HTW) choices.

But we also include the key enablers, in terms of capabilities and organizational setup, that will make your strategy a success.

strategy develoment and creation process
strategy develoment and creation process

Strategy development process basics

Crafting a strategy can be a difficult task. Luckily, Nextrday offers an extensive toolkit designed to support you in every phase of planning and executing your strategy. From the initial stages of defining your mission, vision, and purpose to the critical decisions of determining where to play and how to win, our toolkit provides the necessary resources to guide you through the entire process.

The key strategic insights and the opportunities you see in the market.

The future aspiration, or strategic vision, for your organization and the goals and objectives you are looking to achieve with the strategy.

The strategic choice about where you will compete. And where you will not.

With customers and consumers will you serve? In which market segments and geographic areas? And through which channels?

How will you win in the areas that you have chosen to compete in? What are the strategies, initiatives and tactics to deploy?

What capabilities and enablers are needed to implement and execute your strategy successfully? And how will you go about building these?

How will you organize yourself and ensure you can be successful? What organizational structure, systems and processes need to be in place? And how will you measure and track success?

Strategy Development Framework

Capture your strategy on a single page

The best strategies are simple and easy to remember.

Therefore, the outcome of Nextrday’s strategy development process will always contain a summary of your strategy on a single page.

Of course, there will be detail behind each component. But the strategy one-pager is what everyone will learn by heart!

Strategic framework for strategy creation - one pager

Build Your Strategy with Your Teams.

Engage your coworkers and create your vision and strategy with your team. You will not only end up with a better strategic plan, but it will help with the adoption and execution of your strategy as well.

And you might have more fun along the way!

Strategy Creation

strategy creation workshop small

Vision & Mission

Strategy mission vision workshop small
Alexandra van der Stap workshop drawing on board

Start accelerating
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Through optimizing your strategy, planning and go-to-market approach and ensuring all processes, tools and capabilities are in place to execute successfully.