strategy with execution

We believe that strategy creation and execution go hand in hand. As even the greatest strategies will fail if they can’t be implemented.

And vice versa, just focusing on execution without a clear vision and strategic framework will not get you where you hope to be either.

A Comprehensive Approach

We believe in an integrated approach to strategy creation and execution, customized to your business needs.

Depending on where you are in your journey, we might start with getting your current strategy execution-ready, or working with your executive team to refine your overall vision and purpose.

Customers, consumers and employees alike increasingly choose organizations that they can relate to. Ensure your vision, mission and purpose are at the heart of your strategy.

A strategy is only as valuable as its implementation and execution needs to drive strategic goals and objectives. Therefore, strategy creation and execution are one and the same.

We believe that any growth should be sustainable over the longer term. Therefore, we will focus on making the right choices for your business, people and planet for today, and tomorrow.

Of course, anything you do should be based on the opportunities and challenges in the markets and needs of your customers. Deep market insights, data and analytics will provide a solid foundation for strategy.

The best strategies will fail if no-one else but you believes in them. Therefore, we will work to ensure that your executive team, board, key stakeholders and all associates are able to rally behind your plans.

Strategy is all about making choices, and then relentlessly pursuing your choices. Therefore, we believe in setting strategy that allows for a focus on key choices,  simplifying goals, objectives, responsibilities and activities, and then executing like crazy.

Focus, Simplify, Execute

Simple, Three Stage Methodology


Insights &

Understand your current status and opportunities, outline your vision and ambition, and set the strategic areas to focus on.



Determine where to play and how to win, make clear choices, build a clear strategic plan and achieve alignment.


& Activation

Build a clear roadmap with owners and milestones, cascade strategy to your teams and track execution across all touchpoints.

“Any company, large or small, can achieve long-term, sustainable growth. It ‘just’ takes a clear vision, solid strategic choices and then a relentless focus on execution.”

Alexandra van der Stap


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