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Scale up support

Take your business to the next level

Take your business                           to the next level

We help ambitious organizations scale up, grow, innovate, and transform while leading with vision and purpose and combining strategy with execution.

Achieve scale up status and become future-proof through our personalized strategy creation, strategy execution and go-to-market support and strategic planning tools, digital platforms and services. We support through advice, meetings, webinars, and subscriptions.

And a focus on tomorrow, not just today.

“The future will never again be as long as it is today.

Don’t wait for it.”

Alexandra van der Stap

Founder & CEO of Nextrday


What is a scale up?

A scaleup is a successful startup company that plans to grow further. The OECD defines a scaleup as a company having an average annualized return of at least 20% in the past 3 years with at least 10 employees in the beginning of the period. To reach the next level of hyper-growth, you have to pair funding with an adapted strategy. An aspiring scaleup has a proven concept and is now looking to achieve global leadership in the market. You need experience, knowledge, and leadership to grow from a startup to a scaleup. Most startups never reach the scaleup phase because of a lack of these resources.

Are you ready to leave the startup phase behind you? Do you want to grow your business? Is now the time to establish new structures and responsibilities? Scaling up your company can offer more opportunities, possibilities, and freedom. As a result, you can spend more time on what sets your business apart from others and do what you excel at.

Could you use some help, inspiration, or experience? Check out the many resources below or book a meeting with our specialist.

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Road to scale up: 10 steps

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Discover the options of our flexible scale up packages and see which one best fits your needs.

Ready to scale up your business? Get started today.

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Explore our Scale Up Packages

Discover the options of our flexible scale up packages and see which one best fits your needs.

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Scale up aspects

When growing from a startup to a scaleup, there is a lot to think about and take into account. Your company has to meet some criteria before you are even ready to scale. We realize that not everyone knows when they are ready to scale up.

We have listed the essential scaleup aspects to keep in mind while making the jump. Some look at the performance in numbers, others look at the overall experience of your company. Before you can scale up, look at these aspects and assess your company with them.

Are you not sure if you are ready to scale your business? No problem, take the questionnaire and see where you stand right now. If you know this already and want to learn more about the scale up roadmap, read our article about 10 steps to become a scaleup.

Choose your Scale Up Package


Exploring scale up options and preparing for the journey

Are you thinking about scaling up, but not sure where to start and what your options are? Then this package is for you.


Starting the scale up journey and executing your vision

You want to start scaling up your company and need guidance through the process. This package is the start of your growth.


Scaling performance and growing to the next level

Meant to take the scaling of your organization to the next level. Grow in a new scale up round to extend your reach.


Pick and choose the building blocks you want and need to scale up

Fully tailored and customized to your needs, this package offers limitless possibilies for your scale up journey.

Nextrday and scaleups

Nextrday has helped several organizations scale up. Through clear strategy development and strategy execution, these companies have grown from a startup to a scaleup. We realize that taking a big step in the trajectory of your business requires attention to detail, perseverance, and a clear vision. We would love to help you achieve peace of mind in your process.

Nexrday can help and assist you throughout the entire scaleup process. From strategy development to strategy execution, and from marketing to data tracking.

Read more about our work in several case studies highlighting our expertise.

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