Alexandra van der Stap

Passionate about Sustainable Growth

I would love to help you grow and develop new opportunities – whether you are a start-up looking to scale or a well-established organization aiming to continuously lead the market forward.

I believe that any ​company can reach solid, sustainable growth – with a clear vision, purpose and strategy, the right strategic choices and relentless execution in the market.

And a focus on tomorrow, not just today.

My Belief

Any organization, large or small, can achieve sustainable, scalable growth.

All it takes are a strong vision and purpose, a consistent strategy founded in market opportunities, innovation and customer needs, making clear choices, ensuring the right capabilities and operating models are in place, and a relentless focus on execution.

As strategy and execution are one and the same.

Alexandra van der Stap
Alexandra van der StapCEO & Founder
Alexandra brings 20 years of global experience in strategy, marketing, transformation, innovation and digital. She has worked in senior marketing and strategy roles in large global corporates, founded start-ups, held P&L responsibilities and led sales, e-commerce and commercial teams.

At Nextrday, Alexandra helps customers finetune their vision and purpose, outline their growth and transformation strategy, define their go-to-market approach and translate strategy to execution.

Personal Motto

“The future will never again be as long as it is today. Don’t wait for it”.

Key Focus Areas

Vision and Purpose
Strategy Definition
Strategy Execution
Marketing & Brand
Data, Analytics & CRM


English, Dutch (fluent) | German, French, Italian (fairly good)

“I enjoyed working with Alexandra and her team because of her passion for marketing and portfolio strategy – a full-blooded marketer.

Besides her analytical and strategic thinking skills and her deep market knowledge and customer focus Alexandra is able and willing to go the extra mile to deliver excellent results. She is a problem solver with high energy and an impressive perseverance.”

Peter Skulimma

SVP Global Industry Acceleration

Combining Strategy with Execution

As a strategy is only as good as its implementation.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.

As strategy is all about making choices.”

Michael Porter

American Academic

“A vision and strategy are not enough. The long-term key to success is execution.

Each day. Every day.”

Richard M. Kovacevich

American Business Executive & Investor

“I love helping ambitious organizations succeed and reach sustainable growth by outlining a clear vision and strategy, building authentic brands and enabling focused execution and long-term success.”

Alexandra van der Stap

Founder, Nextrday

Expert in growth and transformation
  • Helps ambitions organizations reach their full potential

  • Knows all about (sustainable) growth, innovation and transformation

  • Combines vision, strategy and purpose with execution and go-to-market impact

Meet with Alexandra

Rob de Spa
Rob de Spa

Board Member, Wegener Media

“Alexandra and I worked together on developing the Wegener product portfolio to a digital-first news portfolio.
Her strategic thinking skills, combined with her perseverance and a profound interest in and knowledge of consumer behavior and market dynamics, made our cooperation very fruitful. I very much enjoyed working with Alexandra.”

With Nextrday, Alexandra aims to help you grow, innovate and transform. Sustainably.

Trough combining vision and purpose with strategy creation and execution, supported by go-to-market, commercial excellence across channels and markets, strategy execution software and tools, and data and analytics.

And a focus on sustainable growth.
As Nextrday is about tomorrow, not just today.