Rapid digital acceleration in 2020

The year of 2020 will be known as a historic one. Not just for pandemics or elections. But as the year in which digital technology took over in the workplace. Rapid change is taking place and, fueled by both technological developments and covid-19, work as we knew it will have disappeared.

Remote working drives a need for new technological skills in the workplace

As both companies and employees alike get used to remote working, the expectations are that a remote workforce is here to stay. And remote working requires different skills than interacting with your colleagues in the office. But that is not all that is happening.

Covid-19, in combination with the digital acceleration already under way before the pandemic hit, means that companies see the interaction with their customers, employees and stakeholders shift vastly. Market needs and opportunities require a fundamental refocus on technology. Digital first is finally here.

All workers will have digital jobs

As traditional organizations struggle, the tech sector thrives. Experiences become digital, products and services become integrated platforms, and employees work remotely. Eventually all workers will have jobs that involve digital and all will need to be digital natives – or something close to it.

Digital upskilling
: do you and your teams have the right skills for the digital age?

Of course, by now most people know how to connect their computers on their WiFi at home and use Zoom or Teams. But the new digital skillsets required go further than that.

  • The usage of data and analytics will become a much more integral part of many job roles. Next to data science skills and traditional finance roles, analytical and interpretation skills from executive teams, commercial leaders, marketing and product teams will be critical.

  • Customer journeys and experiences are moving online and omnichannel is the norm rather than the north star. But to design these new experiences, and make them come to life in a meaningful way, requires a deep understanding of digital platforms and tools and online user experiences.

  • Programming and coding will become a part of many roles, and as technology will form the backbone of your organization, you will not want to outsource these core competencies any longer.

  • Interaction amongst employees, and externally with customers and partners, as well as online education and learning will require knowledge of the various digital engagement platforms and the skills to use them well.

  • Artificial intelligence, quantum computing, virtual reality, gamification, crypto, self-driving cars, drones, healthtech, sustainable tech… all will come to touch your organization over the next years.

“Before there used to be tech jobs, and non-tech jobs,” said Joe Atkinson, PwC’s chief products and technology officer. “Now there are just ‘jobs’, and everyone needs to have comfort with technology.”

Simply relying on hiring new people with the digital skills you require is not going to be enough: everyone is trying to do the same and the competition for key talent will be fierce.

Therefore, ensure you work on upgrading the skillset of your own teams as well as recruitment. And do not for get your own upskilling!

Tips for upskilling your organization digitally

  • Identify the key skills needed to execute your strategy – and by when

  • Evaluate the gaps in your team’s digital skillsets

  • Work on upskilling your existing employees

  • Identify the critical roles that you need to recruit and start on time!

Perform the digital skillset check and get ready for the 2021

As the speed with which you will be able to execute your digital upskilling objectives will be key to remaining competitive in the next digital age. it is worthwhile to start asap and ask your self: do you, and your teams, have the right skills for the digital age?

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