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Join Alexandra van der Stap from Nextrday and Oleks Mykolaienko from Tallium during lunch as they talk you through how you can scale up your company in the health tech industry. Both Alexandra and Oleks have lots of experience in the industry, having helped multiple businesses grow and delivered several solutions.

On Wednesday April 10th at 12pm CET, during a 30 minute free webinar, you will learn how you can scale up your business in health tech through the lens of strategy and technology. Alexandra and Oleks will share their knowledge on topics like regulatory compliance, artificial intelligence, scalability and infrastructure, and more. Additionally, they will showcase relevant case studies. Whether you’re a startup navigating growth or an established player seeking to amplify your presence, this webinar offers essential strategies and technological insights to take your business to the next level.

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Join us on April 10th at 12pm CET for our ‘Quick Bites with Nextrday: Scaling up in Health Tech’ webinar hosted by Alexandra van der Stap and Oleks Mykolaienko.



Alexandra van der Stap

Founder Nextrday

Oleks Mykolaienko

Founding partner & CEO Tallium

Both Alexandra and Oleks are very experienced in the health tech industry. Alexandra has helped multiple companies grow and reinvent themselves while Oleks has delivered many digital solutions. Together they will host the webinar and share their knowledge on everything strategy and technology relating to the health tech industry.

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