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AI is shaking up a lot of industries with its possibilities. The use cases of this rapidly developing technology seem to be endless. So what does this mean for your business? Will AI present new opportunities or do you need to adapt your way of working? How do you prepare your organization? And how do you work with or alongside this new tool? These are just a few questions that business leaders are faced with.

Join Alexandra van der Stap as she explores the potential that AI holds for creating a positive influence in the business world and beyond in our ‘Quick Bites with Nextrday: AI for good’ webinar. In this webinar we will bring you up to speed about everything AI and talk you through the latest developments. We will show you how companies are using AI for sustainable growth and how you can do it too. Discover the must know tips and tricks for implementing AI within your organization.

We feature expamples of AI use cases from Adobe Photoshop, Starbucks, ChatGPT, and many others.

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A new technology asks for careful decision making on behalf of business leaders. We believe it’s possible to use AI in your business in a sustainable way while delivering on your purpose.

Want find out how you can use AI in business for sustainable growth? Read our blog post that tells you what you need to know when thinking about implementing AI for yourself. We provide you with some do’s and don’ts, and a very crucial point about ethics.

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